Expandable sleeves used for trenchless Structural & Infiltration repair of all material types of Live Stormwater & Sanitary Sewers and Pressure pipelines. Available in stainless steel for smaller (Micro)  diameters and PVC for man-entry (Mega) diameters

  •  Host pipe inside diameter: 100mm to 4000mm
  • Sleeve length: 100mm to 900mm
  • Pressure rated to 3 – 90 bar, meeting AWWA M11 Standard for Flexible Tunnel Liners. Factor of Safety is at least 2.5 on total loads
  • Potable water safe, Well & Gas liners, Square & other shapes are also available

Types of Repairs

  • Longitudinal / Circumferential Cracks
  • Cracked / Offset / Separated Joints
  • Fractures / Holes / Areas of Corrosion
  • Infiltration / Ex-filtration / Root Control
  • Broken / Collapsed pipes
  • Replacement of missing pipes
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