The Aqualocator is based on a proven and patented scientific technology that has changed the way the construction and utility industries locate PVC and PE Pipes. It also locates nearly any subsurface material with an edge including plastic, metal, wood, cable and concrete.

Unlike the deficiencies of GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar), the Aqualocator will work in clay, wet soil, snow or even standing water. Designed specifically for the utility, water, gas and cable industries, the Aqualocator allows professionals to locate objects faster, while maximizing job efficiency.

The Aqualocator is the trusted and most reliable all material locator in the industry.

How the Aqualocator Plastic Locator Works

The unit contains an internal control circuit board, and an antenna board that controls the center transmitter and independent left and right signal receivers.

A powerful 2.45 GHz ground penetrating, ultra-high frequency radio signal locates density differences by transmitting inverted conical shaped UHF signals into the ground.

The unit locates objects by analyzing differences in subsurface material densities. Man-made objects or geometries with a straight edge create a change in conductivity, density and/or permeability from surrounding materials. This causes a distortion in the return signal detected by the UHF receivers on the sides of the Aqualocator and is interpreted by the advanced microprocessor circuit board technology.

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