Waterstop Sealant – Stops leaks instantly

  • Designed to permanently plug high infiltration sources in all structures
  • Stops leaks in excess of 200 litres/minute
  • Non-hazardous, no VOC’s, CFC’s, HFC’s, pH neutral

Aquaseal is an extremely reactive two component hydrophobic polyurethane water stop system that can be injected into flowing water, reacting in 3 – 5 seconds. Infiltration is instantly stopped in its tracks, any void is rapidly filled, without any absorption of water

Aquaseal is designed to stop high infiltration sources in concrete or brick structures, sealing leaks in excess of 200 litres/minute and cracks > 0.05mm. The cured polyurethane creates a mushroom like seal to permanently stop leaks, performs well in corrosive sewer environments and will resist wet/dry cycles

Aquaseal comes packaged in 600ml dual component plastic cartridges. Specialist non-return static mixers and heavy duty dual component caulking guns are also available, making installation quick & easy


  • Extremely fast reacting and rapid sealing
  • Will inject directly into flowing water and will not wash outwash out
  • Seals the finest of fractures, rather than just covering them up
  • High early strength
  • Re-sealable/reusable, use only what is needed


For water control, Inflow & Infiltration in manholes, vaults and other concrete, brick or stone structures above or below ground


How much money can Aquaseal save you?

One manhole leaking 10L/minute will leak 15m3 per day. If the cost of treating wastewater is $2m3, then this single manhole with a 10L/minute leak costs more than $10,000 per year, forever!

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